The only reason that this blog exists is because of a class requirement a while back. Now, I'm ready to have fun with it. :-)

Figurative Language

1. “While his companions continued playing to the noisy accompaniment of the bottle-and-spoon boys and the singing iron of the wheel hub, his great swollen thumb would knife across the goatskin at an angle.”

I believe this to be a Catachresis, but I’m not totally certain…

2. “Until finally under the vigorous kneading and pummeling, Avey Johnson became aware of a faint stinging as happens in a limb that’s fallen asleep once it’s roused, and a warmth could be felt as if the blood there had been at a standstill, but was now tentatively getting under way again.”

Seems like a simile… or maybe an analogy…

3. “So how is it that a Superfox like you finds herself holding the winning ticket in the pain lottery?  A seemingly endless jackpot of sorrow that you won’t be splitting with anyone else.”


4. “That, my friend, trumps your shared love of puppies, The Dave Matthews Band, and Mexican food.”

Pretty sure that’s an allusion…

5. It’s Called a Breakup Because it’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Breakup Buddy (Book)

The whole book is an apostrophe (and quite hilarious at that!)  (-:

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